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Daystar Skin & Cancer Center’s Clinical Research Program

Access to Advanced Treatments

Every day, new treatments that show promise for the future are being developed. Engaging in clinical research not only gives you access to novel treatments prior to their commercial availability, but it also advances medical knowledge that will benefit patients in the future who may experience similar conditions.

Should you be selected for one of our studies, you might get payment for your time and travel as well as free visits and medication linked to the study. Get in touch with us now to find out how you can improve your health and contribute to medicine's future.

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A Partnership Between You and Your Provider

Your relationship with your physician is the cornerstone of our patient-centered approach. With us, patients receive direct access to the medical investigator of the study as well as a specialized team of experts in their particular ailment.

There are many possible benefits to participating in a clinical trial, including:

  • Gaining access to new treatments not available to the public
  • Taking a more active role in your own health care
  • Getting expert medical care at leading health care facilities
  • Helping others by contributing to medical research
  • Receiving a treatment that works for you
  • Getting paid, in some cases

Being part of a research study is completely voluntary. After the patient understands the study, if they decide to take part, they will be asked to sign a document called an “informed consent form.” They can change their mind at any time, for any reason, even after they sign.


Learn more today!

Visit here to learn more! You can also complete our Engagement Questionnaire to start learning about clinical trials in your area that you might qualify to participate in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical research study?

Clinical trials (also called studies) are research studies that rely on volunteers to help discover better ways to prevent, find, treat, or cure diseases. Once a trial is approved for human subjects, there are four unique phases.

In Phase I trials, researchers test an intervention in a small group of healthy volunteers. They want to learn if the intervention is safe, the correct dosage, and if volunteers have any reactions to or side effects from the intervention. In Phase II, III, and IV trials, researchers learn more about the safety of the intervention and how well it works in larger groups of participants.

It’s really important to note that there are laws in place that protect the safety and privacy of people who choose to participate in a clinical trial.

Why are research studies conducted?

Clinical research aims to improve patient outcomes by identifying better treatment options, optimizing existing therapies, or developing new diagnostic tools to detect diseases earlier when they are more treatable. These studies help determine the safety and efficacy of medical treatments, interventions, drugs, or devices. This involves testing whether a new treatment is effective in treating a particular condition or disease while also ensuring that it is safe for use in humans. Overall, clinical research plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care, and ultimately saving lives.

How are participants protected?

Patient safety is our top concern when conducting clinical research. To protect the rights and welfare of clinical research participants, there are two primary governing organizations that have oversight of all clinical trials.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) provides regulatory oversight. They have created regulations designed to protect the human subjects participating in studies.

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides ethical oversight. They are responsible for ensuring protocols are ethical and don’t pose unnecessary danger to participants. They also ensure the sites are competent to conduct studies.

What are some of the possible benefits of my participation?

Being a part of clinical research has many advantages, such as access to potentially novel treatments, professional medical care for the condition under study (since our investigators are typically experts in the disease area under study), and the chance to improve medical research and treatment outcomes while also being able to assist others. Moreover, participants frequently receive cash compensation for their time and travel.

What are some of the possible risks of my participation?

Participating in clinical research has numerous advantages, but there are also some possible risks. These include the possibility that the treatment won't work, that taking part in the study will require a lot of time and effort, and that the treatment could have unpleasant or serious side effects. When thinking about taking part in clinical research, you should weight the risks along with the benefits. In many cases, the benefits of innovative treatments and the potential outcomes far exceed the risks.


Why Daystar Skin & Cancer Center?

We are passionate about clinical research and paving the way for new and increasingly effective treatment options to help people live their healthiest life. Our patient-centered approach is founded on the partnership between patient and provider. With us, you get your own personalized team of experts in your disease with direct access to the full research team.

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Visit here to learn more! You can also complete our Engagement Questionnaire to start learning about clinical trials in your area that you might qualify to participate in.

Our team, is here to answer any questions you have, help you review our current trials and decide what is right for you.


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